• Tubby the Clown

By Daytona Magic

With this effect we have taken the best of a few different effects and put them together into one DYNAMITE children's magic trick. This is a perfect trick to do at a birthday party or on the stage at a school show. The prop is over eleven inches high and nine inches in width. It is beautifully silk-screened in five colors.

You talk to your audience about TUBBY THE CLOWN as you introduce him by removing him from the circus tent where he works. You tell the kids that TUBBY is all excited because there is going to be a circus parade. You point out that he is dressed in his snazzy red and yellow polka dotted outfit. You tell the kids that he has his umbrella because it started to rain and by the time the parade started he got all wet.

"Have no fear!" TUBBY tells you, "I am a quick-change artist! I will just run into my tent and change into my blue outfit." TUBBY is placed into his tent for a moment and when he is removed he has his beautiful blue outfit on. Well, at this time the kids begin to yell that you only turned TUBBY around. Insist that Tubby is really a quick-change artist as well as a clown and place him back into the tent (as our turn it around) and remove him in his red outfit again. This is done a few times until the audience is worked up into a frenzy.

The tent is shown empty to prove that you are not using two TUBBYS. As the kids yell, "TURN HIM AROUND", you turn him upside down. They will shout" NO! NO! THE OTHER WAY!" You turn him sideways. Of course as in all "SUCKER" tricks you eventually 'come clean'. You actually show TUBBY'S other side which is actually what belongs on anyone's other side, his 'OTHER SIDE'. TUBBY is standing back towards the audience in his snazzy red and yellow polka dot suit.

This is a wonderful NEW EFFECT where you only have to carry one piece of apparatus, unlike Hippity Hop Rabbits where two tubes are used. Turn around tricks are ALWAYS great laugh getters and the kids really delight in seeing them.

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Tubby the Clown

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