Six cards are placed face down on the table, in a row. The magician then designates the cards by numbering them from one end to the other; 1,2,3,4,5,6.

A die is then handed to the spectator and he is requested to make sure it is ordinary and then to roll it out. Whatever number comes up is the card that will be used. Let's say the number is 3. The magician then puts a match box, coin, or any simple object on this card.

The rest of the cards are then gathered up and put into the magician's pocket. Never at any time has the spectator seen the faces of any of the cards.

The spectator is then requested to roll out the die and remember the top number. He is then to look at the number on the bottom of the die and add the two numbers. Let's say the number on top is 5, then the number on the bottom is 2. So, the total is 7. The spectator is told to divide the total by 2. You ask him the result of his division. He says 3½. Magician then pretends to be stumped and that something has gone wrong as the result was supposed to indicate the chosen card. Anyway, the spectator is asked to turn over the card and he finds that it worked after all, as the selected card is the 3½ of clubs.

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