• Thanks Pal! by Bibik Of Course! 1990

"I love going out to dinner, but I can never decide what to have, so this is the method I've come up with. Sometimes I like Pizza, (Card is shown, taken off the pile, turned face down, and replaced on the bottom of the pile. This is repeated for each card) But I also like Pasta. Chicken is always good, but so is a thick, juicy Burger. Then of course there's always Salads for those health nuts. (Cards are now all face down, with the check on top) I've decided to make a random selection by saying "I like it', so I keep it. (Top card is placed on the bottom of the pile, Still face down) 'I don't like it', so I put it aside. (Second card is put on table) "I like it, I don't like it, (The third card is put under the pile, fourth card is put on the table. Continue doing this until you have only one card in your hands) and eventually I am left with just one choice, let's see what it is, (turn the card face up) Oh, tonight I'll have a burger. (Add the last card to the face down pile)

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Thanks Pal! by Bibik Of Course! 1990

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