• OKIM by SUPERMAGIC Division of Robert R. Lambacher Company 1975

The Magician shuffles 6 cards and places them face down in a row in front of the Spectator.

A Die is then handed to the Spectator and he or she is asked to make sure it is an ordinary die, then roll it out on the table. The Magician then explains that the rolling of the Die was to determine the location number of the card to be selected. The spectator is asked to select which end of the row of cards he or she would like to be number "1" for the purpose of counting the cards.

Let us say that the number "5" came up when the Spectator rolled the Die. The Magician starts counting from the end of the row the Spectator selected and counts over five cards. The Magician or Spectator then places an object on the card (a coin, match book, etc.) The remaining cards are picked up by Magician and placed in his pocket. 

The Spectator is then requested to roll the Die again and remember the top number. The Spectator is then ask to pick up the Die, look at the number on the opposite side (bottom) of the Die and add it to the top number and multiply the sum of the numbers by "two", but not tell you (The Magician) what the final number is.

The Magician then informs the Spectator that the final number they have arrived at, is the value of the card that is face down with the object on it. They will tell you that the number they have arrived at cannot be the value of the card. The Magician state that it is possible he could be wrong, but in all the years he has been performing this trick, he has never been wrong. The Spectator is requested to turn the card face up, revealing the "Fourteen of Spades," the number the Spectator had arrived at by their mathematics. The Magician was right again!

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OKIM by SUPERMAGIC Division of Robert R. Lambacher Company 1975

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