Your source for the freshest, cleanest burning Flash Paper. Theatre Effects Flash Paper is a soft tissue type paper, and these sheets are the most economical size for you to purchase.

Theatre Effects Flash Paper is ideal for devices that shoot fireballs, such as flash guns and wands, or for lighting and tossing, burning with a superb looking orange-yellow colored flame.

Generally a 4" square (1/4 sheet) gives excellent results, but always check your product directions for the proper amount for your particular device. Each sheet is 8" X 9" in size.

A form of "nitrocellulose". Flash Paper burns quickly and completely with a bright flame, no smoke and no ash. It's safe to use in handheld devices, and gives excellent results in products that shoot flames, like flash wands and guns. Also available in derivative forms of Flash Cotton, Flash String and Flash Cord. All create fire with no smoke or ash. Flash Cotton has the advantage of being ignitable by a tiny spark, so it can be used in devices that have a Spark Wheel Assembly as the igniter. Cotton is also excellent as a primer in all devices that use a Glo-Plug as the igniter. Flash Cotton burns up practically instantly, much quicker than Flash Paper, String or Cord. All Flash Paper, Cotton, String and Cord is shipped wet with water, and should be dried upon receipt to yield the longest shelf life. Dry products are highly flammable and should be stored accordingly.

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Pyrowizard(TM) Flash Paper Sheets

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