• 9 Card Puzzler

Spectator is given a deck of cards. He shuffles the cards and then selects any 9 cards. He now mixes these 9 cards and then spreads them and looks at the 3rd card from the left. You never touch the cards. You never see his selected card. He does everything.

He now spells the name of his card, on card for each letter. So if he picks an Ace, he would spell A, place a card on the table, C, place a card on the table and E, place a card on the table. He then places the remainder of the cards on top of the 3 cards on the table. 

Then He picks up the pile of 9 cards and you now have him put down two cards for the word OF then the remainder goes on top of those two cards.

The spectator is now told to spell the suit of his card. Again one card per letter. When he is finished the remainder are once again placed on the top. At this point his card is in the 5th position from the top and how you get him to that card is up to you.

And when he is finished, he turns over the final card and it is his card.

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9 Card Puzzler

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