• 7 in 1 Pocket Card Tricks

7-in-1 Pocket card tricks comes with the following cards; One Four of Diamonds (regular back), One King of Clubs (regular back), One Double Face Card - 4D/KC, One Blank-Face Card, One Double-Back Card, One Fake Card (#1) - 9C with half QH Flap, One Fake Card (#2) - Joker holding a small card showing 4S when reversed, One "IT" Card, and One "YOU LOST" Card.

Tricks you can perform with this deck include:

*3 Card Monte

*Mental Telephony

*Flim-Flam Cards

*Mind-Reading Card

*Two Card Monte

*Transposing Cards


*Detective Joker

*Crossing the Cut

*Cut Deeper Force

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7 in 1 Pocket Card Tricks

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