• Bill-O-Belli's Revenge (Bill Pryor)

The duplicate sets of jumbo cards are shown, one set having red backs and the other set blue backs. The faces show the four different suits of the same value and the backs have the numerals 1, 2, 3, & 4. An envelope with a prediction is handed to a spectator. With on set fanned with the backs to the audience, one of the numbers is named with the understanding that the face of the card will be used. The chosen card is placed in view of the audience, back still to the audience. With the second set fanned with the faces toward the audience, one of the cards is named with the understanding that the numeral on the back will be used. This card is placed in view, face  still toward the audience. When the prediction card is removed from the envelope, it is found to be completely different from the cards being used, and, the numeral on the back is 7. You claim there is only one thing to do - use magic! A wave of the hand and both cards are turned. One now matches the prediction card and the other has a 7 on the back.

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Bill-O-Belli's Revenge (Bill Pryor)

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