The largest of all our pans!  Will hold a nice fat rabbit! (Or whatever else you'd like to put inside)

Load area: 10.25" x 4"

2.0: Since the time of our new ownership, the retirement of our 40 year metal maker, and the addition of our new guy Ickle Pickle's metal department has had some "high-end" changes.  The material is a higher gauge resulting in greater strength and more consistent wall thickness throughout each item.  We have access to tooling we never had before for a better production process especially for items that require the assembly of multiple parts.  Our pans have even been given a new look with the metal handles/knobs.  We've also made  improvements in the mechanics inside creating a smoother function Sure, there's cheaper stuff out there but what do you want to walk on stage with and how many times do you want to replace it throughout your life?  Why not start with the best?

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Rabbit Pan 2.0*

  • Brand: Ickle Pickle Products
  • Product Code:0922201
  • Availability:In Stock
  • Dimensions (L x W x H)11.00in x11.00in x5.50in
  • $144.95

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