About Us

Welcome to one of the most reputable companies in the magic world!  With over 40 years of experience, value, and excellent customer service, you will be hooked!

Steve Bender began working in magic at the age of 17 as Kedso the Clown, for the Keds Shoe company.  By the peak of his performance career, the Ickle Pickle company was putting on more than 900 shows a year! 

But something bigger was taking over... the demand of his high quality magic props.  At times, Ickle Pickle Products has been the manufacturer of over 1,500 items at a single time.  These items are found all over the world.  You'll have a hard time finding a magic shop anywhere that doesn't carry Ickle Pickle!

From fun pocket tricks to the world class spun aluminum, hand crafted wood items, and much more, you'll be glad to be part of Ickle Pickle!